Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Holy Mai Tai Its a mothertruckin Tiki Thrift !

Salvation Army inside a tiki bar . Heaven i tell you - but only if they serve drinks and considering SA is heavily involved in recovery programs it's unlikely - but a gal can dream no? Its in Louisville Kentucky - holy moly , thats one more really really good reason for me to get my cute ass to the South . When I saw these picks , I think i peed a little .
photos stolen from :

Thinkin' about Drinkin'

Found this yesterday - instantly started scheming to get my hands on some absinthe . Really though, for the experience to be just right, it needs to be in Paris . And I have to be in one of those cave like European bars , wearing this dress-glowing in the dark like a radioactive princess .
Maybe I'll just pop it on my website and hope the right radioactive princess comes along. Just so long as she promises to drink absinthe in Paris in it. Or at least a Chartreuse Martini with the lights turned low and gypsy accordian music playing on the hi-fi..........