Thursday, January 29, 2009

Got the Midcentury bug ? Dig this site ... is a buy sell etc. site for Midcentury home decor and furniture. The site just looks so inviting, clean, and easy to explore. Looks like they are kinda new so there isn't a ton of stuff on there- but if i were you i'd get in on the groundfloor !

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The El Rancho Tropicana hotel resort was a sprawling complex here in Santa Rosa - sadly bulldozed int he mid 90s to be replaced by a Target, best buy , costco old navy, Trader Joes etc... What used to be a place of architectural interest , with multiple cocktail lounges, pools and restaurants is now a carbon copy of every other town you've ever been to. Sigh...

One of those now forgotten bars was the Bamboo Room , a polynesian themed bar, that I dearly wish was still here. I need somewhere to wear all my Hawaiian Dresses !Even though its winter, Hawaiian dresses never go off season at Skirt Chaser Vintage or Senorita in fact here is our newest offering , hopefully your hometown still has a polynesian pop bar, or you have a home Tiki bar ( a real vintage one not the kind bought at the Longs or Home depot - cringe !!)

Yours truly was lucky enough to pick up a 50s hawaiian Sarong for myself this week . Its a sarong style with pineapples and little fishies and I found it at Decades on Haight street . I was happy to see that their prices are much more resonable than I remember , but they still have an amazing selection of mostly pre 70s vintage, so you dont have to dig through a bunch of 80s like many vintage shops these days !
Update: this pretty blouse is now sold...
We HEART this pretty rayon 40s blouse .we think this is perfect for your Valentines day outfit , and what better way to celebrate love - or looking for love? (In my opinion , the fun part !) .
its a silky rayon - maybe silk , but I am so over doing burn tests on everything . Its a roomy XL so curvy sweethearts take note !
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