Thursday, February 26, 2009

His & Hers 40s Catalina Deer Sweaters

Normally matching couples make me a little queasy, but when it comes to Vintage Catalina Knit sweaters - I can make an exception ! I am already fantasizing about sitting by the fire with my boyfriend at a snowy lodge drinking hot toddies and listening to The Bing Crosby Christmas album . Perhaps if we both shrink enough by Christmas it will come true ! Don't hold your breath ! Oh and besides I'd have to heavily drug him to wear a sweater with a cute deer on it - Anyone wanna trade for a set with Marlin prints ?

A quick tease, todays Hawaiian find ...

This deadstock (seriously!) Red Malihini Hawaiian dress followed me home today - isn't she pretty !!

Anne Fogarty Bazaar 1952 and Ebay delights !

Another ad from 1952 , and a good segue to introducing a favorite Vintage Ebay seller - FABGABS who also happens to be a swell gal .
If you havent seen her goods heres a peek, a green Velvet Anne Fogarty of the same era.... The auction ends in a few days, but if you miss it don't despair she regularly presents a wonderful array of the good stuff ! Find this and other goodies here:

Bargain shoppers will love this auction from the UK another Anne Fogarty starting at 7 pound !
Not the best pics but hey its a bargain ! I think their mannequin looks like a certain tabloid star - so theres a bonus giggle there.... heres the auction link

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bazaar April 1952

I have two favourite vintage fashion Magazines , Bazaar for the sublime high end designer and couture wear in the editorials , and Seventeen for the live out loud fun color , the casual play clothes and the divine swimwear .

This issue of Bazaar from 1952 features some wonderful editorial shots but the ads are gorgeous too and feature some of the Vintage worlds favorite labels and designers. In 1952 these labels would have been out of reach for most Americans , but through the magic of Vintage shopping you can purchase these works of art for what amounts to a song when you consider the quality of the fabrics and construction and the timeless designs. A quick search on the web will find you many of these names for under $100 !

Lilli Ann - this suit was $100 (approx $800 today) in 1952 made of imported French fabric of the highest quality . The bell sleeve is breathtaking !

Jerry Parnis - A label I've been lucky enough to posess now and then, always uber-flattering , with simple but lovely prints. 100% New Look early 50s beauty ! ( In fact check out this Jerry Parnis sz 18 pattern on ebay - for 6.99 ! 200309693014)

Talk about an atomic bombshell , this suit was built like a rocket ship !This was $23 - equivalent to $175 today ! If you are lucky enough to have owned a Cole you'll know its worth every penny, if not go get yourself one !

This breathtaking Nelly De Grab Number in lush yards of lace is another you'd be so lucky to own today. Notice the tie-in to a silver pattern ! Seventeen and Junior Bazaar magazines had pages of ads encouraging teen women to add that special piece of silver to their trousseau . Its only slightly disturbing how much Marriage at such an early age was encouraged and glamourized. Its interesting to notice the same Seventeen magazines from 1968 have nary a fork or serving spoon in sight , rather full page spreads on Pontiac GTOs for the gal on the go !!
Lastly , I'll sneak in a Lilli Ann Jacket that will be available soon on my website ....

Can't resist a Fella In a Gab Hollywood Jacket

The label says it all " the Playboy by Suedecraft of California! "

Though not flash like the two tone turquoise or pink and black - these Hollywood jackets evoke that casual cool California feel that just looks so good on a well dressed man. They'll be available on soon ! Heres a sneak peek...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loving THIS today

My Favorite thing today ... The print on this Tori Richard swimsuit simply makes me smile ! The bust has that wonderful shaped pleating that makes for a perky pair .
Vintage swimsuits are just so much more flattering and sexy. Every other body on the beach is showing enough crack and cleavage to keep the creeps leering for days , but a classy chick can look great ,have fun , relax and simply BE cooler than any other babe on land or at sea.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Speechless and sad.....

What I love NOW.... A flock of Owls

My quick pick of the day...When it comes to jewelry i've always been partial to poodles , burros and fish but the hot sellers at the shop are owls ! Here is a collection showcased in its original owners frame..

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sneak a peek at whats coming soon....

Emerald Green 50s swimsuit Large (vintage sz 16 modern 12 ish)

Tina Leser Sun dress Late 40s

40s Rayon sarong 2 piece S/M

Red Hot Valentines dress Circa 50s

Website, ebay or my boutique, you'll be seeing these numbers in the coming weeks.....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My favorite Item in the shop right NOW....

This pretty number reminds me of home in many ways, it recalls my fathers proud family who worked in the citrus crops and packing houses of the central valley . I remember the drive to grandmas house in Woodlake California was always surrounded on either side by the endless citrus orchards. Grandpa had a few trees in the back yard , I still think of him when I see them .
I still look forward every year to the winter crop of juicy oranges .
This watercolor print modernistic purse is as sweet as any orange i've ever had! Circa 50s to early 60s its roomy - another thing I love/need in my vintage bags .