Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stop me before I buy these ! Seriously fab sunglasses....

We are saving our pennies here at SH HQ and can't bear to see these not go to a good home . They would match perfectly with a sparkly lucite purse In my collection but I must stay strong !

Besides, i already own an incredible pair that bring me great joy, I'd feel like I was cheating on them if i purchased and equally fab pair. It would be like cheating on a lover .
I think they are a bargain at $46 !

Monday, June 22, 2009

No more Viva Las Vegas for me !

I had the misfortune to hit the local newstand and see this publication "rebel Rodz" (Rods are infiniltey cooler when spelled with a Z - wacky !) Having bowed out of the last 3 VLV 's I was slightly horrified to see what it all has come to. These pics don't show the worst of it, one of their "viva las vegas" girls not shown here- is wearing an outfit more appropriate for a Judds concert circa 1987. Patchwork Denim over-the -knee boots anyone ?

I for one often wear a Diner costume to Viva - when I am not wearing my pink poodle skirt and plastic rhinestone cat eye glasses or course !

Wait, is that Mariah Carey in the gold 70s swimsuit ?

Really now, has it gotten this bad? All costume and polyester shadow of real rockin style ? Say it isn't so.
I will say there were no less than 10 " retro, rat rod, rockabilly" type magazines at the newstand . This one is by the same publishers as Easyriders, the bitches on back biker magazine thats been around since the 70s at least. If they are jumping on this trend it must be pretty mainstream.

Viva used to be amazingly fun, the first few years, and maybe it still is if you stay away from the car show. Which is sad beacuse the car show used to be great too - back when the lot was half full !
Maybe I'm a snob ! I kinda feel okay about that. I realize they'll move on to the next bandwagon, and we'll still be here when they do.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Where are MY perfect shoes ?

The quest for really great vintage shoes is never ending, I was looking for comfortable 40s wedgies , and i think im good there, but my real never ending quest is 50s flat leather sandals - I sold this pair a few years back and can't get them out of my mind ! They were a sz 6 and i actually tried to fool myself into believing my 8 1/2 foot looked perfectly fine in them . Needless to say delusions are impractical and I had to let them go.... I search vintage shops/ ebay etc and just can't seem to some up with a great pair in my size ...

The other empty place in my heart is in the shape of a great pair of 50s flats ! I am selling this pair on my website but sadly for me they are a sz 7 ! Suede with a rhinestone starburst on the vamp -they really are the shoes of my dreams !

So I'm putting it out there to the universe . I've just donated 8 or 9 pairs of shoes I don't love in order to leave room for my dream shoes. Thanks universe, i'll be here waiting .....