Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anne Fogarty Bazaar 1952 and Ebay delights !

Another ad from 1952 , and a good segue to introducing a favorite Vintage Ebay seller - FABGABS who also happens to be a swell gal .
If you havent seen her goods heres a peek, a green Velvet Anne Fogarty of the same era.... The auction ends in a few days, but if you miss it don't despair she regularly presents a wonderful array of the good stuff ! Find this and other goodies here:

Bargain shoppers will love this auction from the UK another Anne Fogarty starting at 7 pound !
Not the best pics but hey its a bargain ! I think their mannequin looks like a certain tabloid star - so theres a bonus giggle there.... heres the auction link


  1. A girl could lose a whole afternoon looking at FabGabs and your ebay auctions!

  2. Wow, aren't you a sweet thing! For those who don't know how grand this gal is, you couldn't find a more delightful, honest and enthusiastic seller if you tried!

    And, I'm glad someone love Anne Fogarty as much as I do.