Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretty in Prom .....

I smile every time i pass this in the shop !
It's prom season here and the gals seem to be on one side of the fence or the other - micro mini 80s or full on frothy cupcake 50s ! I dont have to tell you which I love more, but their youthful giddiness makes me vicariously happy , and thrilled to be doing what i do. I make people smile, I make them feel like princesses, vixens, and starlets - how cool is that.

My prom in the early 90s was a parade of gag inducing Jessica McClintocks and hella huge hair !

Me, I was in my black phase, I wore a lace off the shoulder dress , it was short, with a full skirt .

I wore flats !! I barely wore makeup and never wore heels until my early 20s - my friends now would never believe it !

My hair was an asymetrical chin length bob that I wore with the ends flipped up !

My date was my first love , our local rock star and record store nerd, and he had approximately the same haircut , minus the flipped ends !


  1. This post is completely worthless without pics... haha!

  2. Hello dear! Following you back : ).