Monday, June 15, 2009

Where are MY perfect shoes ?

The quest for really great vintage shoes is never ending, I was looking for comfortable 40s wedgies , and i think im good there, but my real never ending quest is 50s flat leather sandals - I sold this pair a few years back and can't get them out of my mind ! They were a sz 6 and i actually tried to fool myself into believing my 8 1/2 foot looked perfectly fine in them . Needless to say delusions are impractical and I had to let them go.... I search vintage shops/ ebay etc and just can't seem to some up with a great pair in my size ...

The other empty place in my heart is in the shape of a great pair of 50s flats ! I am selling this pair on my website but sadly for me they are a sz 7 ! Suede with a rhinestone starburst on the vamp -they really are the shoes of my dreams !

So I'm putting it out there to the universe . I've just donated 8 or 9 pairs of shoes I don't love in order to leave room for my dream shoes. Thanks universe, i'll be here waiting .....


  1. I've always wanted a pair of the ballet style low wedges from the late 40s/50s! With the 1" wedge heels and skinny straps that wrapped around the ankle.

    In my 9 years of dealing I've only seen 1 pair in person......... in a size 4. Yeah, I too wear an 8 1/2.... and you better bet I tried squeezing into them too, haha.

  2. OH, and... I blogged about your bowling dress!