Monday, June 22, 2009

No more Viva Las Vegas for me !

I had the misfortune to hit the local newstand and see this publication "rebel Rodz" (Rods are infiniltey cooler when spelled with a Z - wacky !) Having bowed out of the last 3 VLV 's I was slightly horrified to see what it all has come to. These pics don't show the worst of it, one of their "viva las vegas" girls not shown here- is wearing an outfit more appropriate for a Judds concert circa 1987. Patchwork Denim over-the -knee boots anyone ?

I for one often wear a Diner costume to Viva - when I am not wearing my pink poodle skirt and plastic rhinestone cat eye glasses or course !

Wait, is that Mariah Carey in the gold 70s swimsuit ?

Really now, has it gotten this bad? All costume and polyester shadow of real rockin style ? Say it isn't so.
I will say there were no less than 10 " retro, rat rod, rockabilly" type magazines at the newstand . This one is by the same publishers as Easyriders, the bitches on back biker magazine thats been around since the 70s at least. If they are jumping on this trend it must be pretty mainstream.

Viva used to be amazingly fun, the first few years, and maybe it still is if you stay away from the car show. Which is sad beacuse the car show used to be great too - back when the lot was half full !
Maybe I'm a snob ! I kinda feel okay about that. I realize they'll move on to the next bandwagon, and we'll still be here when they do.


  1. I love that you point out the Rebel Rodz/Easyriders connection... yuck!
    Well, at least RR doesn't show pancake boobs and seats with snail trails on them... haha!

    My friends that went to this last one said the same thing. I heard VLV described as a combo of "Grease" mixed with Amy Winehouse mixed with a whole lot of retardism. These friends, who have been to nearly all of them, agreed that this was the worst one yet.

    I totally agree with you on the car show bit. I went two years ago... I showed up to the car show still drunk from that morning, went to pick up a custom made dress from one of the vendors... and lemme tell you, the amount of idiots with cameras wanting to take my picture was annoying.

    Even more annoying were the girls, dressed in bedroom gear, splaying themselves across the cars, hoping someone would take their photo. Everyone's a pinup these days, you know (well, except me).

    I go to a car show TO LOOK AT CARS. Not at some puta in her fencenets, corset and ruffle booty shorts trying to stick her ass and tits out, hoping to make it on the cover of some cheeseball publication... oh, like that aforementioned one ;-)

    It's a shame that most of the people just show up there to be seen... they don't give a rats ass about the music.

    I feel like a snobby old lady after typing this... :-)

  2. I thought my eyeballs would dissolve when I saw the gal in the patchwork over the knee stilleto heels and mini cowboy hat perched atop her victorian curls . I would be proud to call myself a Snobby old lady if you are one too !

  3. Fuckin' YIKES.

    It's really depressing how 'rockabilly style' has been so incorporated into the mainstream - yet there hasn't been a single ROCKABILLY BAND to hit it big. 90% of these 'pinup' chicks can't even name a single rockabilly artist. How sad!

    That probobly includes half the girls at Viva Las Vegas itself, haha.

  4. It is ALL what you make of it. However, Dave and I definitely prefer the Rockabilly Rave. An acquaintance just said at a show in the East Bay "It's like Viva in the old days ... before all the riff raff." Yes, he actually said that and I applaud the snobbyness!

    That said, Viva can still be a great experience if you do it your own way and know how to train your eyes to see past the polyester. It can be HARD, I know! But I ran into SIX different customers wearing fabulous things I'd sold them this last year, and had a grand time entertaining in the room, too. The hard core, vintage loving folks with quality clothes, cars and great taste in music are still there ... they just don't show enough skin to get covered in the magazines.

    Hope to see you this October ... think about it!! The company, shopping and music are all well worth it.